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Hi, I am Jules...

I studied Fine Art in Pretoria, South Africa but sadly didn't develop my passion for art into a career until I started out with a little crafting from my dinning room table in 2018 when I 

Owner and Creative Specialist at 

Sadly, like many others, lockdown had a major affect on my both my mental and physical health and I had to make the tough decision to close the shop in the Village and I took some much needed time off to repair myself and my head.  I've had the most amazing support from friends, family and our community and I am so pleased to say that I am now in a position to relauch The Little Gift Maker and myself with some new and exciting things thrown into the mix.

Heres the deal, I've decided to split my interests into different divisions but all under the collective of, well... ME, hence the new branding.  Whilst I have been recovering, I developed the love and skills for digital art and design, so I am excited to share this with you as well.  I've had a blast designing tattoos, pet portraits, logos and business branding and having what I can only call fun and not work!  The Art and Design side of the business will also be doing workshops to share and teach people in the community to craft, it does wonders for your mental health.

Within the design side of things, I have started up a little side gig with a friend selling our designs on clothing, accesories, stationery and apparel.  This venture is called 'huebaloo' and I just love it!  Its fun, sarcastic, funky and quirky and sometimes a little odd, just like me!

What you will see now is different areas where I can offer specific services, without clouding the water.   The balloon side of things will now be managed by Jelly Bean - Events, Parties & Balloons.  I m also offering my event planning, management, design and decor through JB.  I have years of experience throwing corporate events for 1000's of people and have had a hand in helping the odd bride or 2 out too.

I am also partnering with a few companies that I adore and trust and therefore will be able to pass some decent discounts onto you, my favourite people!

Take a look below at Just Strong, they are empowering woman to be strong in body mind and soul and have created the most comfortable workout clothes - I can't vouch yet for there use in the gym as I'veonly worn them at home, but that will be coming soon as I take the next step of my healing journey.

And lastly, but most importantly, I have been blogging my health and recovery journey since August 2022 over on Instagram.   I committed at the beginning of 2022 that is was going to be my year for turning things around.  I spent a lot of time researching and visiting specialists, underwent major surgery and in August, armed with the knowledge that I had so desperately needed, I embarked on a weightloss, lifestyle and mental health journey which has enabled me to start doing what I love again, and sharing it with people. Through the powers of Social Media, I came across a Charity called Been THERE looking for volunteers to mentor people who just don't know where to turn to with body image problems and eating disorders.  For those of you that know me personally, you will have heard me say that my experiences in life had to have been for a reason, and I just found it!  If I can help just 1 person start their own journey to recovery then life as I know will have been worth it. So as you can see, it has been an eventful but fruitfall 18 months, everything happens for a reason after all! You can follow my Instagram journey on the links below.

So happy browsing.  The links below take you to each part of the business and my life and has a brief description of what it is all about.  PLEASE do get in touch if you want to disuss a particular project, gift, design or even just want a chat!

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My Brands & Partnerships

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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